Upcoming ‘Art of the Brick’ LEGO Show at Union Station Invites Ideas for Kansas City Creation

The LEGO sculpture 'Yellow' features a life-size man. (Image courtesy of Union Station)

The ‘Art of the Brick,’ described as the first major museum exhibition using LEGO bricks to create art, is coming to Union Station in January and the artist is inviting ideas for a special Kansas City-themed creation.

Artist Nathan Sawaya has received national recognition for his LEGO creations that include original pieces and versions of famous artworks including Van Gogh’s ‘Starry Night’ and Da Vinci’s ‘Mona Lisa.’

For the local exhibition, which runs Jan. 25- May 28, Union Station is inviting people to go to its Facebook page to submit ideas for Sawaya to consider for a creation built exclusively for and themed around Kansas City, according to a press release.

Many of the LEGO works depict well-known art like ‘The Thinker.’ (Image courtesy of Union Station)

Sawaya is expected to unveil his special work at the opening of the exhibition. The show will fill 10 galleries at Union Station and end with a hands-on area where guests will be invited to create their own masterpieces.

“The Art of the Brick is one of those rear experiences that’s nearly impossible to describe,” George Guastello, Union Station president and CEO, said in a statement. “It’s a totally unique blend of art, science, engineering and pure imagination.”

One of the more popular works is called ‘Yellow.’ It’s a life-size figure of a man ripping his chest open with thousands of yellow LEGO bricks cascading out. Other works include a 20-foot T-Rex dinosaur skeleton and a giant LEGO skull.

“The goal with this collection of art is to demonstrate the potential of the imagination and the power of creativity,” Sawaya said in a statement.

According to Union Station, the show has gotten favorable reviews from Conde Naste Traveler, which said “The Art of the Brick is Pretty Much Blowing our Minds.” CNN recommended it as a “must-see’ exhibition and the New York Times said “The Playfulness is contagious.”

General admission for ages three- to 12 is $11.95, 13 and over, $15.95. For groups of 15 or more, tickets cost $10. Admission for Union Station members is $10.

Bob Regnier, Union Station board chairman, said the exhibition is a “fantastic way” for his facility to start the new year.

“With Art of the Brick, guests are going to be taken aback, then drawn into an absolutely fascinating world of contemporary art and astounding engineering,” Regnier said in a statement.

Artist Nathan Sawaya in his studio. (Image courtesy of Union Station)