Torn Label Opens ‘Public House,’ Triples Size, Adds Food

The Torn Label Public House offers three times the space to patrons as the original tap room.

(Editor’s Note: This article was originally published April 15, 2021)

By Kevin Collison

Torn Label is joining the recent wave of microbrewery expansions in the East Crossroads with plans to open the Torn Label Public House by the end of this month.

The microbrewery at 1708 Campbell that began operation in late 2014 is more than tripling the space of its original tap room and adding food prepared by former Corvino sous chef Vince Brink to its offerings.

“Adding a kitchen is one thing we’re most excited about,” said co-owner Rafi Chaudry.

“We want the food program to be like our beer program, a lot of which is about experimentation and being ambitious and creative at the same time.”

A ‘cosmic cowboy’ rides herd over the Torn Label brewing kettles.

Torn Label is joining East Crossroads neighbors Border Brewing and Casual Animal in expanding its size, or in the case of Border Brewing, its location as well.

“We all opened in about the same window and we’ve found opportunities as we’ve had a little stability to grow,” Chaudry said. “Having beer tied to the Crossroads brings more people down here.

“It helps people make the trek from the suburbs. After they’ve had one or two beers, they can make an afternoon of it.”

The new space being occupied by Torn Label in in the same building it shares with Studio Inc, a collaborative art gallery and work space. In fact, the new Torn Label Public House will share the main Studio entrance off Campbell.

“The tap room is about 600 square feet and the new public house will be three times larger with better ventilation,” Chaudry said. “We’ll be adding some production space, but most will be on-premise space for people to come.”

Torn Label offers a Sunday special, $9 for a basket of wings and $5 for a draw. (Photo from Torn Label Facebook page)

The new room will hold about 75 people after Covid restrictions are lifted, and there’s also an attached outdoor patio. The former tap room will be closed to the public and open only for special events.

Like other Crossroads brewers, Torn Label has had to improvise to survive the Covid crisis, reverting to selling most of its products in cans while the tap room was closed a year ago by the pandemic.

“It’s been a challenge for sure,” Chaudry said, “but people have supported us.”

Brink, the new executive chef, said the menu will offer between 15- and 22 items.

“Anything from high-end bar snacks like home-made fried pickles to friend chicken,” he said. “Our stress is on a local and seasonal rotating menu, as often as the beer.”

Hours will be Wednesdays through Saturdays from 11:30 a.m. to 10 p.m., and Sundays from 11:30 a.m. to 8 p.m.

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