Spokes Serving White Russians and Tacos to ‘Celebrate’ Trump’s Downtown Meltdown

Spokes Cafe|Cyclery plans to make the most of Trump's disruptive visit to downtown.

By Kevin Collison

Downtown Kansas City is expected to be disrupted mightily by President Trump’s visit to the national VFW Convention today, so the folks at Spokes are making a party out of it.

“We’re calling it a “Celebration of America” party,” said owner Dan Walsh. “Our regular business will be significantly slowed down.

“Downtown residents feel he’s coming to town and there’s nothing we can do about it, so we’re allowing people to take some control. It’s a way to counter-celebrate The Donald coming to town.”

To show how much they care about the president, Spokes Cafe|Cyclery at 1200 Washington in Quality Hill will be offering $2 tacos all day.

Dan Walsh

“We know how The Donald feels about Mexican food and tacos,” Walsh said.

To wash those tacos down, Spokes is offering $2 White Russians as a shout out to the president’s fondness for Russian President Vladmir Putin. There also will be ample ketchup, another Trump favorite.

And for those coming downtown to oppose the president’s visit, Spokes will have a protest sign contest.

“A lot of times they’re pretty witty,” Walsh observed.

“If our regular business can’t get through, we’ll serve those folks. Our bathrooms will be open and we’ll have water available.”

There also will be a “Jump the Wall” contest.

Since Spokes announced its celebration Sunday night, it had received 200 Likes on Facebook and 50 shares as of Monday morning. The party goes from 4 p.m. to 9 p.m.

In other Trump-related downtown news, Heartland Alliance for Progress is organizing a protest rally at Barney Allis Plaza from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. titled “Stand for America–Rally Against Trump.

It’s unlikely Trump will see the protest or stop by Spokes for a White Russian and tacos.

According to the Downtown Council, the president is expected to be out of Kansas City by 2 p.m.

But the impact of his visit will be ongoing until then.

While he’s not scheduled to speak to the VFW Convention until 11 a.m., streets and sidewalks around the convention center will be closed after this morning’s rush hour.

Here’s how the Kansas City Police announced it on their blog Monday:

“By order of the United States Secret Service, parts of downtown Kansas City, will be closed…while President Donald Trump attends private events in the area.

After the morning rush hour, police will cordon off the area surrounding the downtown Convention Center District. Everything should be reopened by the evening rush hour.

“Pedestrian and vehicle traffic will not be allowed in or around these areas. Parking garages and lots in these areas will not be available.

Office workers in the area who typically walk to lunch will be unable to do so during this time.

Because the President is attending private events, there will be no opportunities for public access or viewing during his visit.”

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  1. This site is good because it isn’t political. If it shows a political bias or becomes political in any way it will drive away visitors from the site. Left or right, you’d be best served to keep people in the dark about your political views and stick strictly to downtown news/events/development so as not to alienate half of your readers.

    • I understand your point, and thanks. The story was intended to tell readers how one downtown business is responding to the disruption caused by the Trump visit. I can’t compete with the larger news organizations re blanket coverage of his VFW speech, but I can try to find an angle that might be overlooked–and fun.

      • Thanks Kevin for reporting the unreported. I am planning my evening at spokes with friends now. Who know’s, I might just come home with a bike too!

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