Society Adding Sophisticated Food, Drinks and Sports to Crossroads

The bar at Society features an overhead light sculpture.

By Kevin Collison

Society, an upscale lounge and restaurant in the former Jacobson space, is set to open May 21 and its owners hope it forges a great symbiotic rapport with its hip neighbor, the Crossroads Hotel.

“‘We’re trying to create a sophisticated entertainment district here in conjunction with the Crossroads Hotel,” said majority owner Scott Mars.

“We’re in the arts district so its obviously inclusive, but it’s a higher-end alternative to the Power & Light District.”

Society is capitalizing on the same arts-oriented design approach as the three year-old hotel across Central, and add a large outdoor patio to the mix. It also will be capable of quickly shifting gears to become a great place to watch sports.

Society can seat 220 people for dinner. The table tops were done by Crossroads artist Phil Dunn.

Several 120-inch video screens throughout the main lounge that are ordinarily utilized for high-definition art installations can be easily switched to carry sports events when called upon.

“Our concept was that we have art when the television is not on,” Mars said. “It’s more of a transformational space.

Another table top by artist Phil Dunn

“We want Kansas City to be at the forefront, what we’re doing is cutting edge.”

Society, which includes Michael Thomas Edmondson and Scott Genter as partners, also includes artwork done by Crossroads artists throughout its space including table and bar tops created by artist Phil Dunn.

The establishment at 2040 Central St. features a spacious lounge and dining area with a colorful light sculpture above the bar, a 2,500 square-foot patio, a speakeasy space called the Scarlet Room, and what will eventually be a private dining room for up to 40 people.

The main room can accommodate 220 people for dining and the entire facility can handle 600 standing patrons.

Society partners (from left) Scott Genter, Scott Mars and Michael Thomas Edmondson.

Mars’ food and beverage industry background includes the Westport Ale House and the now-closed Parkway Social at the Plaza. He also is the co-founder of American Adoptions, a national adoption agency based in Overland Park.

The restaurant will feature an American-style food concept similar to that offered by the former Houston’s restaurant on the Plaza. Two of the Houston’s chefs are on staff. Sushi also will be on the menu.

The Scarlet Room will feature live music during the earlier part of the evening with a DJ taking over later at night.

Hours will be Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, 4 p.m. to close, and Saturdays and Sundays, 11 a.m. to close.

Society includes a 2,500 square-foot patio.
The unisex restroom at Society pops with color.

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  1. Looks great! Too bad as a vegetarian I will never go there. I wish chefs in this city understood that vegetarians like to go out and eat too, and have money to spend on good, creative food, and it’s not really a “fringe” diet anymore. Very few of the upscale restaurants around here have literally anything vegetarian on the menu. It’s very frustrating. Two or three items on a menu doesn’t seem like a huge ask.

  2. I totally agree with you Ryan. I love the New no meat Impossible Burgers they are amazing and so many other wonderful products are now available. Someone is really missing the calling in KC but not addressing the growing trend of a Vegan / Vegetarian Diet. I truly hope this will change Another thing I wish would be addressed in this country is not putting Sugar in everything I love the combination Monk Fruit and Stevia it tastes great. We should be sweetening all our drinks with this not sugar and High Fructose Corn Syrup. I know much progress has been made in this area but we need to also understand that we live in a country where the Pharmaceutical Industry controls the government in many ways and guys off FDA and Government Officials that try to get things banned that are not good for us because they would not continue to make Big Money without all the ailments the American Public has related to toxic food and High Sodium Sugar Diets. Its all very sad. I really love what is happening in Kansas City its a long time coming but the City is definitely making its place on the regional domestic and international scene. I am very proud of Kansas City and what it has become. I moved back to Omaha four years ago but I keep very close eyes on KC and all that is going on. I lived there longer than anyplace it has so much to offer. Omaha is much smaller easier to get around in but lacks many things KC has but has some things KC does not. But KC is very exciting now with all the streetcar has brought to the city as far as investment along the route and now with the expansion south and now looking to expand into the Riverfront and into North KC. I think it would be great to see it also expand to the airport. I do hope though it can get its crime under control I am all for owning a gun to protect yourself but I do think we need tighter gun laws and screening as well as trying to eliminate Military Guns from the streets but I am afraid its too far gone to the right and unlikely will ever be controlled tighter and if it does happen then the next opposing administration will just reverse and undue what the previous one has done. America is a great place has always been still is but afraid its on obsessions with will be its own demise as it slowly returns to the Wild Wild West Era ! What is the benefit of having all these wonderful things in a city if crime is so high people are hesitant to come visit or afraid to go out but I can hope and again I think KC is a Fantastic Place and I enjoy your posts. With Warm Regards, Lee Johnson

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