Savoy Tea Brings ‘Tea Culture’ to Crossroads

Tina Beyer, co-owner of Savoy Tea Co., want to bring tea culture to the Crossroads.

By Kevin Collison

The Arkansas owners of the new Savoy Tea Co. shop in the Crossroads are looking forward to brewing more interest in a beverage they believe remains relatively unappreciated and unfamiliar to many people.

“We had traveled and had tea at different places and realized there was no place at home in Fayetteville to have a nice tea,” said Tina Beyer, co-owner.

“People aren’t used to tea and don’t know what to expect. Once they come, we get a great response.”

Tina, her husband Bill and daughter Krista Hinson opened their first Savoy Tea in Rogers in 2011 and the next year opened another in Fayetteville. In 2020, they shifted to the Kansas City metro and opened one at the Lenexa City Center.

You can buy loose tea retail or enjoy a cup at Savoy Tea.

“We love Kansas City and we wanted to see how we’d do in a metropolitan market,” she said.

Their Realtor here then introduced them to the Crossroads location. It’s at 2100 Wyandotte on the ground level of the Arterra apartment building.

The shop features more than 100 tea varieties, all blended by Savoy. General categories are straight teas; flavored teas, which have become increasingly popular in the U.S., and rare teas that aficionados can appreciate.

A variety of cups, pots and other tea merchandise also are sold.

One of the more innovative marketing initiatives is selling sample packets of loose tea for $3 that can brew up to five cups.

“That’s been huge for us,” Beyer said. “It’s low risk and people can try a variety of things.”

Savoy Tea is located at 2100 Wyandotte on the ground level of the Arterra apartment building.

Savoy includes retail sales and the opportunity for people to sit and enjoy tea with friends. The owners had hoped to open in May, but supply chain issues slowed progress. They’re still waiting to complete a counter where people can sit by the window.

The shop had a soft opening about a week ago and a grand opening is planned Jan. 20. Hours are 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Mondays through Saturdays.

Beyer said the Crossroads neighborhood is ideal for their place.

“We like the art district because of its nature,” she said. “We attract a lot of people who are artistic and we thought it would be a good fit.”

Ultimately, Savoy Tea plans to offer classes on topics including tasting teas and holding tea parties.

“We’re excited about growing tea culture,” Beyer said. “There’s so much to it.”

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  1. Happy to see this. My family all live in Rogers, Arkansas, and I’ve been to Savoy a few times. I would love more specialty shops like this in the neighborhood, so I hope they’re successful.

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