Sauced Opens for Outdoor Lunch in Crossroads

Sauced is located in a reclaimed alley off 19th Street between Main and Walnut.

By Kevin Collison

A new lunch stand called Sauced has opened in the reclaimed alley next to Corrigan Station in the Crossroads, offering burgers, chicken sandwiches and wings to hungry open-air diners.

The operation was opened by Steven Blakley, owner of Uhungry?, at the beginning of October and is a continuation of Fry, his food place in Waldo.

“We’ve been doing pop-ups across Kansas City the past year or two years,” he said. “The owner of the building had an opening for this space and reached out a year ago.”

The reclaimed alley off 19th Street between Walnut and Main originally was slated to provide outdoor seating for a casual lunch place planned by the Corvino Supper Club that was to have been called Ravenous.

Corvino dropped its plan, opening the way for Blakley to step in with his concept.

He’s partnering with Jayaun Smith, who got his start at Ruby Jean’s Juicery and Kitchen and is now a personal chef catering to Chiefs players and other local celebrities.

Blakley said the pair teamed up for the menu with plans to add seasonal specialty items and perhaps the loaded French Frie options that were a hit at Fry in Waldo.

Hours are Mondays through Saturdays from 10:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. As to whether it will continue during the chillier months, Blakley said that’s still an ongoing discussion.

“We’re still working it out,” he said. “We’ll probably shut down the last couple weeks of the year and ramp up our online delivery.”

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