Ruby Jean’s Juicery Opens Shop at Town Pavilion on Downtown Streetcar Line

Chris Goode, founder of Ruby Jean's Juicery.

By Kevin Collison

For Chris Goode, his Ruby Jean’s Juicery shops are a labor of love.

“It’s named after my late grandmother,” he said. “Ruby Jean died at age 61 from Type 2 Diabetes. I was 14 at the time, it was the first time I experienced death, and I was very close to her.

“I wanted to honor her and shed light on the type of person she was and what she meant to me.”

It wasn’t until he was visiting Los Angeles and someone introduced him to the concept of juice cleansing that he found his way to commemorate Ruby Jean.

The documentary “Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead,” a film about an Australian man who’s health improved dramatically after a 60-day juice diet, sealed the deal.

“It struck a chord with me,” Goode said. “I did a 10-day juice regimen and once it was over, I felt better than ever.”

After visiting juice bars around the country, he decided to quit his day job and launch his first Ruby Jean’s in Westport in 2015. Since then, he’s also licensed a shop in Springfield, Mo. The Westport business is currently being expanded at 3955 Broadway.

Besides a variety of juices, smoothies and juice cleansing kits, Ruby Jean’s Juicery also offers what he calls “healthy bites,” offerings that include avocado toast, chicken wraps, fruit bowls and sweet potato brownies.

Goode is excited about bringing his concept downtown.

“The life is picking up quickly, there’s a lot of new condos being built,” he said.

“My broker believed in me and we found this place right on the streetcar line and beneath an office building with several thousand people. I felt there was space in the heart of downtown for another healthy concept.”

The new Ruby Jean’s at the Town Pavilion, 1111 Main, Suite 165, opened last Saturday.

The new outlet of Ruby Jean’s Juicery is at 1111 Main St. on the streetcar line.