New Bakery, Enchanté, Joins French Culinary Corner at Main and Westport

The Bakery, Enchanté brings Old World France to Westport and Main.

(Editor’s note: This article originally was published Feb. 1, 2023)

By Kevin Collison

The one-woman Frenchification of the angled intersection where Westport Road meets Main Street has an enticing new aroma, this one drifting from The Bakery, Enchanté.

Heather White opened her French brasserie Tailleur at 3933 Main in August 2021 and her Parisian dessert bar Cheval at 3940 Main in September. Now, Enchanté has joined her Gallic gathering at 3934 Main.

“I don’t want to go past this area,” she said. “I can walk to all my locations and it makes it more of a community.”

Enchanté fits with the pattern White established when she opened Tailleur.

The popular brasserié didn’t have room for a bar and bakery so she opened Cheval across the street. When Cheval proved to cozy to add a bakery, voila, she opened the new space two storefronts down.

Heather White enjoys the Gallic community she’s created that includes Tailleur, Cheval and now Enchanté.

“I saw my landlord in July and asked if the space was available,” she said. “He said ‘absolutely, move in whenever you want.'”

White has an eye for French style, and she wanted to give an Old World France look with exposed brick walls and vintage French posters. It seats about 10 people so the main goal is for people to stop by and pick up their fresh macarons, baguettes and croissants.

That’s not all she and her bakers plan to prepare. Eclairs, crème brûlée, madeleines and muffins will be among the daily offerings.

“When you set up a bakery case, it’s like a blank canvass every day,” White said. “Every week, we do a new menu, it’s always evolving.”

Kirsten Montgomery (left) and Danielle Pockrandt preparing fresh baked goods.

As for the name, enchanté is a term of affection used after people have had a pleasurable encounter with one another. White decided it would apply well to a bakery after she was inspired during one of her frequent trips to France.

Her French culinary outpost on Main Street stands to benefit when the streetcar extension is completed. A station is planned nearby at 39th and Main. It’s also across from the planned 192-unit Katz Drugstore apartment project.

Hours for The Bakery, Enchanté Monday through Saturday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. It’s closed Sunday for now, but White hopes to add the day once the bakery picks up momentum and staffing.

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