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    David Scott

    I love the new scooters. Here’s why. I don’t think the authorities can control them–they’re too popular. But I don’t think the status quo works either–on the sidewalks they are somewhat dangerous.

    I’ve ridden them and I don’t feel comfortable riding them on the sidewalk. And I don’t feel completely comfortable riding them on the street–that is, unless there’s a bike lane to use. Better yet, a protected lane like on Armour Blvd or Better Block’s Oak Street demonstration.

    So I think the policy dilemma created by hundreds of these things now on our streets will finally force us to get serious about cycling lanes–albeit with the need to rename them “mobility lanes”. If we don’t, people will get hurt. The only way out is to start converting our vast inventory of asphalt into mobility lanes.

    Fortunately, this shouldn’t take too long or cost too much. Hell, we might even see Public Works take the lead here and, in short order, make a revolutionary improvement in our urban environment.

    So yea scooters! Now let’s get to work before someone gets hurt.

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    Vic Watson

    Here’s a link to a good article on the situation in Indianapolis. These things aren’t an unmitigated blessing.

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