Jun 01

Leedy-Voulkos Arts Center opens in Crossroads

Jim Leedy opened this gallery, which sparked a movement of other galleries and artists to the Crossroads. Soon the galleries began staying open late on Fridays, leading to the now wildly popular First Friday event.

Jul 17

Skywalk collapse at Hyatt Regency kills 114

May 01

Business leaders form Downtown Council

Mar 01

Folly Theater reopens

Jun 04

Kemper Arena roof collapses after heavy rainstorm

Jan 28

Twenty killed as Coates House Hotel burns

Aug 16

Republican National Convention held at Kemper Arena

The Republicans met in Kansas City from August 16 to August 19, narrowly nominating Gerald R. Ford for president and Bob Dole for Vice President.

Jul 08

Downtown’s new convention center, Bartle Hall, opens

Jan 01

Emery, Bird, Thayer demolished

Built in 1889, this iconic store closed in 1968 and the building was demolished three years later for a parking lot.

Jun 01

Board of Trade leaves Downtown for Plaza location