DGX Opens New Urban Living Store in Crossroads

Luci Koan is excited to manage the new DGX store in the Crossroads.

By Kevin Collison

The new DGX store, Dollar General’s urban store concept, opened Friday at 1979 Main in the Crossroads and manager Luci Koan is happy to be part of the downtown revival.

“I feel honored and so excited for all the people down here,” she said, “and I think they’ll be excited about what we have here.

“All the apartment residents I’ve talked to are super excited. We have everything you need in one place.”

The 4,800 square-foot store is on the first floor of the new City Club Apartments development and the streetcar line.

The new DGX packs plenty of items necessary for downtown living in its 4,800 square feet.

It packs in an inventory that includes, fresh produce and groceries, grab-and-go meals, frozen foods, toiletries, household cleaning supplies, seasonal goods, coffee, ice cream, cold beer, wine and even slushies.

“It’s a very convenient size for people to quickly get in and out and find what they need,” Koan said.

Koan previously managed three of Dollar General’s traditional stores on the Kansas side of the metro. She jumped at the opportunity to manage the new DGX, one of 14 urban concepts the company operates in other downtowns around the country.

Fresh produce and groceries are part of the DGX inventory.

Downtown advocates hailed the arrival of DGX because of the gap it fills supplying day-to-day goods to the thousands of residents in the area. Several new projects that should add more than 1,000 new residents are within short walking distance.

In addition to the 283-unit City Club apartments at 20th and Main, the 132-unit REVERB is opening at 19th and Walnut; the 341-unit Artistry is under construction at 19th and Oak, and the 126-unit ARTerra building opened last year at 21st and Wyandotte.

The new DGX employs 20 people. Its open seven days a week from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m., and is only closed on Christmas.

The new DGX store at 1979 Main is on the streetcar line and walking distance from hundreds of apartments.

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