Denver Investor has Discovered his Development ‘Play’ in River Market

Craig Slawson of Epoch Developments has acquired 10 historic buildings along Delaware Street in the River Market.

By Kevin Collison

Craig Slawson knows a lot about oil exploration, a business his family has been in for 60 years.

In that industry, when you find a ‘play,’ you’ve identified a geological region where conditions are ripe for discovering oil fields, lots of them.

Now that he’s expanded into real estate, the Denver-based founder of Epoch Developments believes he’s located a promising new ‘play’ for that business in the River Market.

Craig Slawson

He’s going in big, buying ten historic buildings on the west side of a three-block stretch of Delaware Street between Third Street and Independence Avenue, and nearby property along Wyandotte as well.

“What caught me eye in Kansas City is the same thing we see in Denver, just seven years behind,” Slawson said.

“People enjoy higher density areas with vintage buildings and clean and safe streets. I decided it was time to look at Kansas City. Once the streetcar initiative passed, I started to look harder.

“The streetcar was the catalyst for me.”

And at a time when development pressure is swelling in the River Market, with several new apartment projects completed and more on the way, Slawson has big plans to add a hotel, condominiums and many more street-level merchants to the mix.

The section of Delaware where Slawson has landed has arguably the most pristine collection of mid- to late 19th C. buildings in Kansas City. His first priority is to upgrade the 111 apartments already in place in those buildings and get much more activity on the street.

“Between Third and Independence, there are 33 doors on the street and only seven are merchants,” Slawson said. “I hope to announce four new merchants this fall–think brew pubs, tacos, ice cream–and three new patios along the sidewalk.”

In the gap between the historic buildings now occupied by a large parking lot behind the streetcar stop, he wants to build a three- to four-story marketplace building, about 60,000 square feet, with roll-up doors where small vendors could do business.

Epoch Developments ambitious redevelopment concept for the River Market. The proposed infill market building along Delaware would 3- 4 stories, not the height shown.

His grandest plan calls for a 12-story combination boutique hotel and condominium building at the southeast corner of Third and Wyandotte. The hotel would be on the lower floors, the condos above.

“Think of the views of the airport, the river and downtown,” Slawson said.

Other potential infill construction sites are at the northwest corner of Third and Delaware and behind an existing building at the southeast corner of that same intersection.

Slawson said his preferred building materials for the potential new projects are iron, brick and glass.

All those new projects, including the hotel and condominiums, won’t proceed until he’s lined up users.

“I’m not building spec,” Slawson said. “I need to find tenants.”

He does believe that despite all the new apartments going up in the River Market, there’s room for more residents.

“We’ve barely hit the tip of the iceberg,” he said. “There’s a cycle here, when enough millennials and creatives live down there, they’ll refuse to go to office parks.

“Then companies need to come downtown for the talent, creating the need for more condos and office space.”

For now, his first construction will be relatively modest.

He plans to build six townhouses along Wyandotte next to existing townhouses developed by the late Tom Trabon. That work is expected to begin this winter.

Touching back on his Denver experience, Slawson also is strongly in favor of eventually bringing the Royals to a downtown ballpark, triggering the same kind of development activity Coors Field has brought to the LoDo District of Denver.

He also supports the concept of removing the North Loop freeway and reconnecting the River Market to the rest of downtown.

Developers already experienced in the River Market welcome Slawson’s ‘play’ in the area.

“I’m very excited about him renovating and putting money into those current apartments,” said Chris Sally. “It’s probably the best stretch of streetscape in the city.

“I also feel the River Market is a great location for a hotel and I hope he’s able to develop one, it would be a great asset.”

Dana Gibson said Slawson’s promised investment will help take the River Market to the “next level.”

“All of his plans conceptually I’m very much in favor of,” he said. “I’d love to see that investment in the neighborhood. I’m optimistic and hopeful he’ll do the right thing.”

The parking lot behind the Delaware streetcar stop would be replaced by a three- to four story market building.


        • Craig,

          I work for a startup in the Rivermarket. I’m sure you’re an extremely busy guy, but I would love to take you to lunch sometime; we’re probably both in the area a lot haha. Pls don’t feel obligated.

  1. I live in the River Market and I like the idea of more merchants, restaurants and existing buildings getting a facelift. I am VERY much opposed to a 12 story building and adding new buildings in parking lots. Parking is already a HUGE problem down here. People aren’t going to come to all these new places if they can’t park.

    • I lived in the River Market two years ago and loved it, but I agree completely. Parking is a huuuuuuuuge issue and nowhere did I see “parking infrastructure” in this guy’s plans.

  2. Agreed on parking, thus why we expect yo build a large integrated garage on the interior of the lot. Hidden like Nichols did in the plaza.
    12 stories because Wyandotte can support it and the community needs a hotel and nice condos for diversity…which is a good thing.

  3. LOL @ Parking… isn’t that one of ties reasons we built the street car? Park & ride, folks. Try it some time!

    • Indeed and thus the reason we bought here. Offering streetcar, Zipcar, EV charging, bikeshare and your feet.

  4. We also need services like Veterinarians, Dentists, etc. The nearest full time vet is 31st st. From 3rd and Delaware, that is a hike.

    • interesting and thanks. we want to round out this community. when you visit your favorite service merchants, encourage them to look in the RM.

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