CityScene KC Shifts to Paid Subscription Dec. 2

A Saturday morning at the City Market, one of downtown's great pleasures.

I hope you’ve enjoyed CityScene KC since it was launched 2 1/2 years ago with the mission to be the community news source for greater downtown.

We’ve covered the big stuff such as the new Loews convention hotel, Strata office tower and multiple apartment projects, and street-level reports about new micro-breweries and retail shops, and even problems with dog owners not cleaning up after their pets.

Much of the time, readers of CityScene like you have been the first and/or only ones to learn about what’s happening in greater downtown.

For example, we broke the news about the collapse of the UMKC Downtown Conservatory plan, and you were the first to learn about downtown’s latest apartment towers in a generation, ARTerra and REVERB.

We’ve also introduced you to such big ideas as decking the South Loop, extending the streetcar to the riverfront casino, the Greenline recreational trail and prospects for a downtown ballpark.

A rendering of how a park above the South Loop might look. (HNTB)

If you browse our archives, you’ll see just how much has been happening in our greater downtown and what you’ve discovered through CityScene.

Now it’s time for me to ask you for your financial support.

CityScene was launched with the help of some great investors who saw the need for a news outlet dedicated to covering greater downtown.

They provided a financial runway to establish CityScene as part of the fabric downtown’s revival along with thousands of new residents, dozens of new businesses and ultimate return to its traditional role as the heart of our metro.

That runway however, has reached the point where CityScene needs your financial support to continue.

Downtown skyline from Two Light apartments.

The national trend in online local news outlets like CityScene KC has been toward a subscription-base model. Trying to make it financially viable solely through selling advertising and sponsorships has not panned out for most ventures.

The bottom line: if you provide readers with valuable information and news, they’ll be willing to pay for it.

I hope that’s been the case for all of you who live, work, play or simply are interested in the important story of our greater downtown.

So here’s the pitch, for $6 per month (the price of a craft beer or latté) you’ll be able to continue to enjoy the daily stories produced by CityScene about your greater downtown community.

The beginning of this new chapter for CityScene KC will be Dec. 2. Readers will be able to enjoy three free articles each month, but after that, they’ll be asked to subscribe.

I’m hoping many of you decide CityScene is worth it and stay with us!

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  1. I don’t usually subscribe to online news, but I love this site! I have added it to my home page and it is the first thing I do each morning at the office. I am happy to pay $6 a month to support you!

  2. That great, well worth the money. I’ve been looking for the ‘contribute money’ button for a while. Thank you for all the great coverage and news you provide that I can’t get anywhere else – and for presenting it in such timely and relevant formats. (If you haven’t already looked at something like – loving that type of platform for supporting the news!)

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