Armour Corners Apartment Project Gains Grocer, Bank

The Armour Corners apartment building under construction at the northeast corner of Armour and Troost will include a bank on the first level.

The Armour Corners apartment development being built at Troost and Armour has landed its first two retail tenants, a combination grocery market and restaurant, and a bank.

Community Grocers plans to occupy 3,500 square-feet on the first level of the apartment building going up on the southeast corner of Armour and Troost. The entity recently opened its first market in the East Crossroads at 640 E. 18th St.

The bank, the identity hasn’t been disclosed, plans to lease 4,000 square-feet on the first floor of the apartment building being built at the northeast corner of Armour and Troost.

The Armour Corners project that’s being developed by Mac Properties of Chicago ultimately plans to construct apartment buildings at each corner of the intersection for a total of 340 units.

“Our vision for Armour and Troost is a lively gathering place of retail and residences,” said Peter Cassel, “We are thrilled to have Community Grocers anchor that effort.

“It’s exactly the kind of business we believe will help Troost’s revival.”
Community Grocers is a combo grocery and restaurant dedicated to providing accessible and affordable less-process food options within the urban core of Kansas City, according to a press release announcing the decision.

Community Grocers opened the Crossroads Market at 18th and Holmes earlier this year.

“The food that you put into your body affects your physical and mental well-being, and it’s time that the people of Kansas City, and especially those living near Armour and Troost, are given access to healthier foods to improve their health.” Kortney Lee, owner of Community Groceries, said in a statement.

Community Groceries places a strong emphasis on providing fresh fruits and vegetables to the community, along with snacks, frozen foods, and pantry staples at a discounted price compared to other natural and organic grocery store competitors, according to the firm’s mission statement.

The plan calls for Community Grocers to open at Armour Crossings next summer, according to the release.

The bank will announce its opening once final regulatory approvals are achieved, likely in the first quarter of next year, according the release prepared by the Crossroads Real Estate Group.

There are approximately four to six remaining small retail shops available in the northwest and southwest corners of Armour and Troost.

Some of those spaces include the infrastructure and opportunity for a fully vented kitchen, according to Crossroads Real Estate. Other spaces are available for a small business, retail office or other enterprise.

“The small shop spaces on the west side provide an opportunity for both established businesses and new entrepreneurs-ready-for-brick-and-mortar to create a new retail node along the Troost Corridor while serving customers living and working in the urban core.” Charlie Lowe of Crossroads Real Estate, said in a statement.

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  1. Wish the grocer was the larger of the 2, but nonetheless it’s wonderful news! More of these pockets are needed in the city to fill the needs of the community! Way to go MAC and Community Groceries!

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